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Benefits of PDMI Membership

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Membership in the Performance-Driven Marketing Institute (PDMI) is an opportunity for marketers and suppliers alike to show leadership in the industry and to connect with like-minded partners. PDMI membership benefits will continue to expand as we listen to you, our current and prospective members. However, all benefits will fall under four key categories: networking, education, advocacy, and marketing. 


As we launch, let’s take a look at the initial benefits PDMI membership can bring your company and its employees.



  • Discount on Badges to Two Annual PDMI Multi-day Events: Connect with the marketers and suppliers who make the performance-driven marketing industry go! Save $100 per All-Access badge for both the Spring and Fall PDMI multi-day events, helping you maximize your event budget and send all the key members of your team.

  • Access to Bi-Annual Networking Events: Gain guaranteed entrance to two PDMImix networking events per year. Our power-packed PDMImix events bring together the industry’s leading marketers and suppliers for an evening of business networking and fun. PDMImix events are planned for summer and winter. 

  • Listing in the PDMI’s Expert Community Online/Directory: Your company will be listed in the “who’s-who” of the performance-driven marketing world as part of the PDMI’s online networking directory. Whether you’re a marketer seeking the industry’s top service providers or a supplier seeking contacts from marketers who may benefit from your services, the PDMI’s online community will connect one and all.

  • Access to the PDMI Membership Roster: Get instant access to complete contact information for your fellow PDMI members. The PDMI membership roster will be updated and deployed quarterly to all member companies.



  • Educational Sessions at Two Annual PDMI Multi-Day Events: As part of your discounted All-Access badges to our spring and fall events, you will be able to attend educational sessions that will identify emerging trends, share proven practices, and promote solutions that benefit all — marketer or supplier — in performance-driven marketing.

  • Exclusive Online Educational Events for PDMI Members Only: Working with our planned Workshop Council, PDMI members will create and deliver — and can attend — up to two monthly online educational workshops.

  • Training for Certification Programs From Top Technology and Media Players: PDMI is in the process of partnering with leading e-commerce and media technology companies and training services to offer all members — marketer and supplier alike — the opportunity to gain certification as experts in marketing technology.

  • Free Subscription to PDMI’s Publications: Stay on top of key trends, leading research, and crucial buzz with a free subscription to our quarterly PDMI magazine, expected to launch in 1Q 2019, as well as our e-newsletter, PDMI Weekly, which launched on Oct. 31.



  • PDMI Councils: Be a leader, be visible, be engaged, and be responsible for your future. PDMI’s councils will provide an excellent starting point for members to get more involved and for the PDMI community to hear your voice. Committee members will further their leadership experience while also becoming directly involved in setting the PDMI’s course.

  • Government Affairs Program: From data security and privacy to the FTC’s latest initiatives, it’s important to stay abreast of government rules and regulations that affect your business. PDMI members will not only stay on notice of the latest news but also will be able to voice their concerns on legal and regulatory programs affecting today’s business environment. 

  • Self-Regulatory Program: Marketers: a proactive, self-regulated community is a healthy, progressive, and smart community. The PDMI promotes principles of ethical business practices, accountability, and transparency to advance the industry on a level playing field. We’re in the process of forming a partnership with a self-regulatory program provider to ensure best practices and FTC compliance to protect your business. 

  • PDMI PAC: Give back to the industry in the most important way: to lobby for a better business environment for all performance-driven marketers. PDMI’s planned political action committee (PAC) will serve as a non-partisan, transparent fund that helps ensure our members’ voices are heard on Capitol Hill, in statehouses, and with regulatory leaders.



  • Exclusive Advertising Opportunities in PDMI Publications: PDMI members will be eligible for special rates and exclusive opportunities to advertise in PDMI Weekly and/or our quarterly publication. These rates and opportunities will be designed to maximize the benefits of your PDMI membership and maximize your marketing exposure.

  • Discount on Sponsorship Opportunities at PDMI Events: PDMI members will be eligible for a special rate on all sponsorship opportunities at both the Spring and Fall PDMI multi-day events and the Summer and Winter PDMImix events.

  • PDMI Newswire: A new campaign for your brand? Successful sales results for your product? New hires? Other big news? With PDMI Newswire, members stay in front of the best and brightest readers of PDMI Weeklyand our quarterly magazine by gaining preferred placement of approved press releases in our publications. 

  • PDMI Industry Insights: Marketers with a success story? Suppliers with a case study of their service working wonders for a clients’ campaign? PDMI Industry Insights allows members a special opportunity to share their expertise and educate fellow members by contributing case studies or white papers to our website. Work directly with the PDMI team to publish your case studies quarterly. 

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